Driver Shortages in the Industry

The shortage of professional truck drivers in our industry today is escalating faster than originally anticipated. According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, the shortage could reach up to 48,000 drivers by 2024. In Ontario, we will be short roughly 13,000 drivers; one of the largest shortages of any province in Canada. The subsequent gap between supply and demand in this industry is a major consequence of this shortage. There is a growing number of customers in need of transportation, but not enough drivers. In America, by 2020, they are estimating a shortage of up to 80,000 drivers. In just less than a decade, we will be missing roughly 14% of the trucking industry.


The driver shortage is a cause for concern not only for the trucking industry, but for its customers, the economy, and the consumers. This shortage could cause various issues, such as price increases and major delays in product delivery. Online shopping has never been more prominent than it is today, yet the transportation of those products has never been more uncertain.


It is time to attract a new generation of drivers. For the past two years, Erb Transport has participated in an event called “Teens Learn to Drive”. The event is executed across Northern Ontario, and finally introduces high school students to this industry. This event offers students an opportunity to learn not only about truck driving, but also all other areas and career paths in this industry. Many students develop a newly founded interest in this career. Continuing to introduce this industry into high schools and to the millennial generation is a significant way to combat the driver shortage. Many students are often surprised at this industry and what we offer, as it is not normally introduced to them as an option.

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