Feel comfortable on the road by customizing your cabin!

Being a truck driver means two things: the first is that you spend hours, and sometimes days, in your truck, and the second is that subsequently, your truck quickly becomes a home away from home. For those who work in an office setting, it’s easy to customize and personalize your workspace. For those who don’t, such as truck drivers, it can be a little harder. That’s why we’ve done some research and found a few ways to organize and personalize your truck, making it feel a little home-y.


  1. Share a drink with the people you love! Customizing your travel mug with pictures of your family, friends, or even pets, is sure to be your new, and smallest, source of happiness. You can customize your mugs online or even at accessible stores like Staples!
  2. Organize your truck easily and quickly with a backseat organizer. Buying something to keep your belongings in, while keeping your truck organized, is a win-win. Knowing where everything in your truck is located at any given time will reduce stress and ensure that your necessities are always easily accessible.
  3. Bring a colouring book! (Yes, we know how that sounds). A new trend had recently surfaced, and that trend is adult colouring books. Research has actually proven that these colouring books reduce stress, relax your brain, and are a great tool to tackle boredom with! These colouring books even utilize a part of your brain that enhances focus and concentration, something that every truck driver needs to practice!
  4. A personalized pump-up mixed CD. Although its 2017, and most people are using their phones or IPod’s to listen to music, there’s nothing like an original mix-tape. Download your favorite songs to listen to, and make sure there isn’t even one that you would want to skip! This CD is to help maintain a positive attitude on your drive, as music really does do wonders.
  5. An app to keep up with your favorite sports teams. Being on the road for days at a time can often mean missing games or matches that you might want to watch. Simply downloading an app on your phone to check on your breaks can give you something to look forward to and anticipate during your drive!
  6. Bring a passenger along. The best way to feel at home on the road is to have a loved one right there with you. At Erb, with proper authorization we allow passengers


For a truck driver, having even the smallest items to remind you of your favourite things are completely worth the buy. With these simple tools, your drives can be much more fun!


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Lyoness Woodstock

I love a clean well organized truck cab. Where thing are within reach and without clutter. I keep my truck well organized and an easy comfortable work-living space. It makes the days away from home feel a bit closer to the real deal.

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