Customizing your Cabin – Christmas Edition!

Okay, yes, we have already written about customizing your truck with some great personalized items. This week, however, is the holiday edition! Your truck can become a home away from home, so it’s important that it reflects you and your life. At home you hang lights, put up the tree, and make hot chocolate. Although you can’t quite do these traditions on the road, there are a few hacks to make sure your holiday spirits stay high! Here’s how to get your truck ready for this holiday season:

• A Christmas C.D! Since we all know that Michael Buble is the king of Christmas, grabbing his Holiday C.D. is never a bad idea! Listen to his music on while you’re on the road and you’re guaranteed to get in the holiday spirit.

• Candy canes or other Christmas candies. Because who doesn’t love a little candy! Having a stash of Christmas candies is a great way to keep your spirits up… just make sure you get a few extra steps in that week!

• A countdown until Christmas. This one can be used at a desk, in a truck, or even at home! A countdown towards the big day will build anticipation and add some excitement into your day. Christmas morning is something that everyone looks forward to.

• A personalized snow globe. A regular snow globe is already a great holiday item. A snow globe with a picture of your family, significant other, or pet, would be even better! Order one of these online and keep it in your truck all season!

• A small Christmas tree (air freshener?). So, yes, it might be a little difficult to drive with a real tree on your passenger seat. Instead, you could grab a Christmas tree scented air freshener! You’ll get the smell, and feel, of a real tree! (Okay, so this one’s a stretch).

Have you decked out your truck? We want to see!
Send us photos of your holiday decorations to and we’ll post pictures all throughout December!

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