Balancing the Truck Driving Lifestyle and Making it Work

For most people, an immediate deterrent of the trucking industry is the time away from home while you’re on the road. For people with families, friends, or hobbies, this can make truck driving seem like an impossible job, when that is not the case at all! In this industry it’s all about balancing your work and home life, and having a good perspective.


First, truck driving does not have to involve months away from home at a time. Here at Erb, we have local truck driving positions that involve being home at 5pm each day! Now, if you’re willing to be a few days away from home at a time, we have even more positions available.


Balancing a few days away from home is easier than it seems! Balancing this lifestyle is all about making the most of every second. If you go back in our blog posts, we’ve written about how to feel a little more at home during your drives, suggesting everything from personalized coffee mugs to a feel-good mix CD! Your time away from home doesn’t have to be all bad! Now, if you have an iPhone, you may have also heard of this thing called FaceTime. It’s kind of like you’re really with them!


You also have to think about the rewards and benefits of truck driving, and how that little give, also means a lot of take! You get to see sights and places in Canada that many people only dream of seeing! Truck driving is not a detail oriented job, but instead it’s a job where you’re part of a much larger picture.


“If you’re in it for the money, you’re in it for the wrong reasons”


Balancing this lifestyle has to be something you’re committed to doing. It has to be something that you want to do, in order to make it all work. Truck driving is a rewarding, unique, adventurous lifestyle, and all it needs in return is some commitment from you!

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