As you may know, 2019 marks Erb Transport’s 60th corporate anniversary. We are so proud to be celebrating this milestone and planning for another 60 years of success. As anniversaries often encourage, we here at Erb have been reminiscing about the past 60 years, and the milestones we’ve hit along the way.

Do you remember…

  • When we first began the Erban Report? In March of 1987, our Public Relations Manager created the first ever edition of the Erban Report, edited and finalized by our co-founder, Viola Erb. This report was, unknowingly, the beginning of a channel that would connect and unify this Canada-wide company over the next 32 years.
  • The first computer. For some, a world without Google or Facebook may be difficult to imagine. The rumors are true, however, and businesses did function successfully before computers. In 1981, roughly 22 years after Erb Transport’s induction, Vernon decided to purchase a Burrough B 90; a highly sought after computer. To accommodate this hefty machine (roughly the size of a full-sized washer and dryer) Vernon was forced to vacate his entire office. It’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way since then.
  • The first electronic dispatch system. Before integrating dispatch, Erb had three separate systems: one for truckload, a second for less than truckload, and a third for U.S. truckload. This system was not integrated, and created more gaps than it filled. As the demand for trucking services increased, Erb Transport, true to form, molded to meet the publics needs and integrated our operations.
  • Satellite communication in the trucks. In 1996, piggybacking off of the electronic dispatch system, Erb added satellite communication in all trucks. Prior to this, all drivers used telephones or two-way radios to communicate with dispatch. Having the ability to press a button and inform dispatch of your status and activity was a significant upgrade for our drivers.

Today, things have changed.

  • The Erban Report is now the official newsletter for Erb Transport, published bi-annually, and sent across North America to each of our 11 terminals. It has displayed celebrations, challenges, highly anticipated projects and everything in-between over the past 32 years.
  • Computers are present at each terminal, and the majority of our office staff work on computers as part of their daily activities. Google has become an indespensible resource.
  • Our dispatch team has grown exponentially, are integrated, and is mainly electronic.
  • Today, each of our trucks not only have satellite communication systems, but also roughly eight computers that are constantly speaking to each other and ensuring that the truck operating to its full capabilities.

In 2019, while we celebrate a bright future, we also celebrate the past 60 years of innovation and success.


John D Gascho

I spent almost 30 years working for Vernon Erb. In reflection I must say it was my most rewarding career choice.Working for a man like Vernon was a true pleasure.

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