A World Without Trucking

Today, many people aren’t aware of the role the trucking industry plays in keeping our society and our economy flowing smoothly. Think of the trucking industry as the silent underdog in your favourite movie. They eventually save the day, but you may have underestimated them until the end. Also, if you’ve never seen a movie like that, just bear with me.


Truck drivers, and all those involved in the trucking industry, ensure that businesses can operate effectively and provide the products and services that we need them to. When you go out to buy your favourite product, you probably don’t think about the shipping that takes place to get that product to your location. Without trucking, all of our favorite things are out of reach! It’s an interesting concept.


Did you know…?



  • Last year, in America, the trucking industry revenue hit an all-time high of $726.4 billion. With an industry generating this much revenue, it’s clear that it plays a significant role in the economy and society.
  • There are currently over 8.7 million people employed in the trucking industry worldwide. If there was no trucking, a lot of people would be out of a job.
  • Trucks can ship everything from retail merchandise to essential medical supplies. If there were no trucks, most companies would eventually go out of business, and we wouldn’t be able to get the products we need.


Although after reading this article, you can see how important trucking is, many people likely are unaware of this! Not only is trucking essential to create employment opportunities, it’s also essential to help society function and provide what we’re accustomed to. Although trucking can often be an overlooked industry, without it, we would have to function very differently and less efficiently! Being part of an industry with so much responsibility and success is something to be proud of.


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barry peters

Absolutely agree! The trucking industry as a whole and so many individuals within it have contributed to our prosperity and well being. This is what needs to be in the headlines!

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