Women in the Trucking Industry

In today’s society, women make up roughly half of the Canadian workforce. However, they only make up 6% of the trucking industry. After doing some research, and speaking with Erb’s very own employee Connie Dynes, we found a few interesting reasons why this may be the case.


Connie Dynes, one of Erb Transport’s Dispatchers, explained why she loves the transportation industry and how rewarding it can be. “Being in dispatch is great for me because I love to talk to people and handle logistics” she said. Connie then explained that there is an option and a place for all types of people in this industry. Whether someone is introverted, extroverted, energetic, or calm; there is a position for everyone. Connie has found her niche, but didn’t always know this was it. Connie explained that both her father and grandfather were truck drivers, and she would often tag along during their drives. “I always liked being on the road and getting to see so many new places”, Connie told me. Although she didn’t choose truck driving as her career, she can easily understand why others do. Getting to see different places across the country and travelling for a living is an appealing career path for many people.


Connie also explained that the community and family values in the industry are another reason she’s built her career in transportation. Statistics show that the majority of Canadian women would rather build their career and receive internal promotions in one company, compared to switching from multiple different companies.  Many of the employees here at Erb have been here over a decade, as there is always room to grow and expand in the company. Erb is also dedicated to maintaining the family and community values the trucking industry is known for; something that Connie has always appreciated.


Because the transportation industry is currently comprised of 94% men, it’s easy to understand why many women would not be as interested in a career in trucking. Similarly, because 91% of nurses in Canada are women, it’s easy to understand why men may not take an interest in nursing. It’s important for us, now, to discard these stereotypes surrounding certain industries, especially when they could benefit so greatly with more diversity. All industries should have an equal representation of men and women, giving them different perspectives and ideas to better themselves.

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