Transportation: What You May Not Know

When starting your career in the transportation industry, you become increasingly aware that this industry truly is a “hidden giant”. Transportation, and more specifically truck driving, is an integral part of society and our economy. Almost 90% of Canadian businesses rely on trained and qualified truck drivers to deliver and ship their product. That’s why, here at Erb, we emphasize training for all employees throughout their careers, in order to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Did you know…

• According to Business Insider, roughly 83% of the revenue from the Commercial Transportation Industry comes from truck driving!
• According to statistics Canada, in 2015 there were 64,254,141 shipments delivered by our Canadian truck drivers.
• Also according to statistics Canada, roughly 227,000 Canadians are currently employed as truck drivers. This occupation is one of the primary employers in Canada!
• The transportation industry is expected to continue growing and expanding over the next 10 years!
• Of the products that remained within Canada, over 875 million tonnes were transported by the commercial sector in 2015. Nearly 72% of this amount was carried by for-hire trucking.

From these statistics, you can clearly see why the transportation industry is what some call a “hidden giant”. This industry may not be in the forefront of daily media, and may not demand the attention it deserves, however it does make a giant impact on society, employment rates, the economy, and more! Erb Transport is proud to be one of the leading transportation companies in North America, and part of such a sustainable and innovative industry. This industry is one of the oldest, and still most necessary, in all of North America. Without it, Canada just wouldn’t be the same!

For more information on truck driving and this industry, visit Statistics Canada – Trucking

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