Courier/Expedite services

Courier/Expedite services

Since 1959

Courier/Expedite services

For over 55 years, Erb Group has been providing Courier/Expedite services to help our customers every step of the way. These services include:

  • Courier / Emergency / Expedited / Dedicated Service by land
  • Highly trained traffic co-ordinators follow shipments from original booking to final delivery.
  • A fleet of refrigerated vans and trucks guarantee your shipments stay cold.
  • Erb has the following certifications: HACCP (Now Iron Apple), C-TPAT, FAST, CSA,
  • Pick-up and delivery of lab or customer samples, trade show products, products for advertising, etc.
  • Erb provides on the spot competitive rating for each shipment.
  • Erb has a complete liability insurance package for your protection.

When your business depends on the timely, protected distribution of perishable goods, you can depend on Erb to deliver.

Contact us today – anytime, any day of the year – for more information about Erb’s Courier/Expedite Services.

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Did you know

Erb Group is a long-standing member of leading industry organizations including the Ontario Trucking Association, the Truckload Carriers Association and The Canadian Trucking Alliance.


Why our customers love us

I’ve been reading the Erb Corporate History: Cool Moves and am inspired by the Erb Culture Business Philosophy (Chapter 8);

Now I have experienced the following 2 Entrepreneurial Imperatives:

#6. Be Service-focused, listen to customer’s concerns, and don’t say no to a reasonable request.

#7. Build business success on strong relationships and mutual loyalty.

I believe that I can speak on behalf of the Pine River Cheese Co-op Farmers and Employees;

to say that we are continually appreciative of the support we receive from Erb; and,

you have cemented a solid and loyal customer relationship.


- Kevin Bridges, Pine River Cheese

We constantly get calls from 3PL companies looking for business from ON into the U.S. We gave another company a shot at quoting and they said they couldn’t help us with better service or rates as we (Iceculture) are already using the best LTL company in their 56,000 carrier network. We are proud to say we work with Erb and it’s nice to know other companies think they are #1.


- Josh, Iceculture

DC Foods has worked hand in hand with both Erb Transport and Erb Cold Storage for numerous years now and are considered a key strategic business partner.

We can always rely on the professional commitment that Erb has shown us over the years in both our inbound and outbound shipments as well as our export needs and warehousing from their HACCP Certified Cold storage. The team work we have developed over the years is second to none.

Erb has been a huge part of our continued growth and success, they have met or exceeded the demands that our ever changing Industry has brought forth and we look forward to many more years of working together.

- DC Foods